Past Events

March 20, 2023

Washington, D.C.

The HPA hosted a panel discussion entitled, “Considering Commercial Space Alternatives in Early Stages of the Acquisition Process” at Satellite 2013.  Participants include Moderator David A. Turner, Deputy Director Space & Advanced Technology, US Department of State; Dylan Browne, Vice President Business and Market Development, Astrium Government Services, Inc.; Prasun N. Desai, Ph.D., Acting Director for Strategic Integration/Rideshare Manager, Space Technology Program, NASA; and William Gattle, Vice President, Aerospace Systems, Harris Corporation. 

The panel brought a broad perspective with representation from the government, owner/operator, satellite manufacturing and payload manufacturing sectors.  While each panelist acknowledged the challenges associated with hosted payloads, the discussion was all about solutions, with each panelist drawing on real-world experiences of successful hosted payload implementations.  The resounding message was we can work together as a community to make this successful, leaving the audience with a spirit of optimism.