The Hosted Payload Alliance (HPA) is a satellite industry alliance formed to increase awareness of the benefits of hosted government payloads on commercial satellites. The U.S. National Space Policy published in 2010 calls for an increasing role for commercial space to meet government requirements. It also explicitly directs the use of non-traditional options for the acquisition of space goods and services, and cites hosted payloads as one of these non-traditional options. The policy notes that public-private partnerships with the commercial space industry can offer timely, cost-effective options to fill government requirements.


  1. Serve as a bridge between government and private industry to foster open communication between potential users and providers of hosted payload capabilities.
  2. Build awareness of the benefits to be realized from hosted payloads on commercial satellites.
  3. Provide a forum for discussions, ranging from policy to specific missions, related to acquisition and operation of hosted payloads.
  4. Act as a source of subject-matter expertise to educate stakeholders in industry and government.

Membership Criteria

Membership in HPA is open to satellite operators, satellite manufacturers, system integrators and other interested parties.