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HPA Corner, a column written by HPA, is part of each issue of MilsatMagaziine. HPA Corner is a forum where industry stakeholders weigh in on an issue of particular importance. Read recent columns:

July 2017
HPA Corner: Affordable SATCOM Capabilities for Mission Support
By Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President, U.S. Government Business Unit, Inmarsat

June 2017
HPA Corner: Hosted Payload Prototypes and the Space Enterprise Consortium
By Colonel Jody Merritt, U.S. Air Force

March 2017
HPA Corner: The Future of Hosted Payload Policies
By Bryan Benedict, SES Government Solutions

January 2017
HPA Corner: Insights — An Alliance Update
By Al Tadros, Hosted Payload Alliance Chair

December 2016
HPA Corner: Insights From A Hosted Payload Practitioner
By Sid Stewart, Portfolio Manager, Satellite Solutions Group, Space and Intelligence Systems, Harris Corporation

October 2016
HPA Corner: Why Hosted Payloads Must Be Included In The Space Enterprise Vision
By Hayley McGuire, Deputy Director, Boeing Advanced Government Space Systems

July 2016
HPA Corner: Leveraging Commercial Space Capablities
By David Anhalt, Vice President & General Manager, Iridium PRIME, Iridium Satellite

June 2016

HPA Corner: DIUx To Help DoD Reap The Benefits Of Hosted Payloads

By Al Tadros, V.P., Business Development, Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

April 2016
HPA Corner: What Is Holding Back The Adoption Of Hosted Payloads?
By Kay Sears, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Lockheed Martin

March 2016
HPA Corner: Hosted Payloads for Weather Monitoring
By Todd Gossett, Senior Director, Hosted Payloads, SES Government Solutions
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January 2016
HPA Corner: 2015, A Year of Successes
By Nicole Robinson, Corporate Vice President, Government Market Solutions, SES Government Solutions


November 2015

HPA Corner: Hosted Payloads for Navigation Augmentation

By Al Tadros, V.P., Business Development, Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

September 2015
HPA Corner: Satellite Security + Information Assurance
By David Thompson, Chief Engineer for Information Assurance, Harris Space and Inteligence Systems

July 2015
HPA Corner: The HoPS ID/IQ Contract

By Rich Pang, Senior Director, Hosted Payloads, SES Government Solutions

June 2015

HPA Corner: Reconfigurable Payloads
By Robert B. Clark, Hosted Payload Manager, Harris Corporation 

April 2015

HPA Corner: Commercially Hosted Payloads for the Government's Civil Agencies

By Nancy Nolting, Marketing Programs Manager, Intelsat General Corporation

March 2015
HPA Corner: New and Advanced Technologies

By Amy Akmal, Communications, Space Systems, Northrop Grumann

November 2014
The HPA Corner: Maturing the Payload for Hosted Payload Success
By Al Tadros, Vice President, Civil and DoD Business, Space Systems/Loral (SSL)  

October 2014
The HPA Corner: Hosted Payloads, Ready and Able
By Nicole Robinson, HPA Vice Chair—Corporate V.P., Communications & Government Affairs, SES Government

July 2014

The HPA Corner: Designing a Defensive Architecture
By Wendy Lewis, Director of Communications, Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

June 2014

The HPA Corner: Policy + Legislation Encourage Hosted Payloads... So, What’s The Hold Up??

By Nicole Robinson, Vice Chair, Hosted Payload Alliance + Corporate Vice President, SES Government Solutions

May 2014

The HPA Corner: How to Create a More Resilient Space Infrastructure
By Janet Nickloy, HPA Chair, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, National Systems, Harris Corporation

February 2014 
The HPA Corner: Hosted Payloads are from Mars. Mission Platforms are from Venus.
By Bob Bishop, Northrop Grumman Corporation

November 2013
The HPA Corner: The International Aspects...
By Aaron Lewis, Director of Media + Government Relations, Arianespace

October 2013 (both articles can be reached through this link)
The HPA Corner: Applauding The USAF For HPA Progress
By Nicole Robinson, Vice Chair, Hosted Payload Alliance

The HPA Corner: A Means to an End
By Chuck Cynamon, Vice President, U.S. Government Business Development and Strategy, Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

July 2013
The HPA Corner: Building Strong Partnerships
By Dylan Browne, Vice President Business and Market Development, Astrium Services Government

June 2013
The HPA Corner: Will Hosted Payloads Perform Demonstrations or Operations? Working Out the Bugs
By Bob Bishop, Northrop Grumman Aerospace

May 2013
The HPA Corner: A Workshop on Key Issues
By Wendy Lewis Director of Communications, Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

March 2013
The HPA Corner: Words Mean Things...
By Nicole Robinson, Vice Chair, Hosted Payload Alliance, + Vice President, Marketing + Government Affairs, SES Government Solutions

February 2013
The HPA Corner: Hosted Payloads: On the Leading Edge
Abstract by Rich Pang, Senior Director for Hosted Payloads, SES Government Services

December 2012
Hosted Payloads + Capitol Hill: The Good, The Bad + The Ugly
The FY13 President’s budget created several different funding lines in support of hosted payloads.

October 2012
The HPA Corner: Facilitating Foreign Launch Exemptions
By David Anhalt, V.P., U.S. Government Solutions, Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

September 2012
The HPA Corner: The U.S. Space Policy’s Impact on Hosted Payload Enterprise
A Hosted Payload Alliance Policy Paper